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Have you ever been in your business and your spouse calls and says “you’ve been at work for 12 hours when are you coming home?” You catch yourself glancing at your watch, and it is 7pm and you’re not even close to getting done with your workload. You say to your spouse “I’ll be home in a little bit right after I finish a few more things.” When you hang up the phone, you wish you could just throw your hands up and walk out to see your family, but reality sets in. How will the bills be paid? Who is going to pay my mortgage? How can I buy supplies? When will I have the time available to see my children and my sweetheart? You decide to complete one more task and head on home.  

You are so happy on the drive too soon see your family after a long day of work. You are greeted with smiling faces, hugs and kissing and a reheated meal that was prepared over 3 hours ago, but nonetheless you are happy to be home. As soon as you sit down to start eating, you start to think about all of the things you didn’t complete today. Only if you could have stayed at work for just another hour or two you would have been done.
Here it is.   



There are 28 million small businesses in the U.S. and guess what? You are not the only one out there that feels guilty when you are at work that you are away from the family or when you are with the family that you are not at work. Without you knowing it, you have two spouses, and one is work, and one is your wife/husband. I’m sure you hear it all of the time, and you want to cringe when someone says “I clock out at 5 pm, and I don’t worry about anything when I’m at home.”

As a business owner, it is very difficult to leave your challenges at work. The great news is there are hope and a solution to our constant guilty feeling. I will share with you the secrets that I’ve heard over the last 20 years from other small business owners that have worked for them and myself.   Keep in mind this is NOT a cure for Guilt, but only a treatment for the guilt.  

Live in the moment!!! When you are at work focus, 100% being at work by listening to every word that an employee, customer, supplier is telling you. You can do this by telling a team member, can you please watch the phones for me for the next 3 minutes while I speak to our customer, etc.   You have your spouse call you every day at a prearranged time to a 30minute notice that it is time to leave. This will prevent your spouse from feeling that he/she is pestering you at work or reduce your frustration that you are being interrupted from completing a task. The 30 minutes gives you the time that you need to start finishing up your tasks.

Lastly, when you are at home, imagine that if this was your last minute or an hour on earth would you listen to everything that was being said by your wife/husband and your beautiful children? Take a deep breath and smell the wonderful food on the kitchen table, the smiles on your children’s faces and just absorb the whole experience as if you were a sponge.  

   Live in the moment and your business guilt will be gone!!!!!

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The Number of People with Diabetes according by IDF Region, in 2013 August 10, 2015 13:30

No major post today, instead a Image showing the WORLD and how serious Diabetes is. Where 1 and 3 Americans are Pre-Diabetic!!
- Joseph A. Semprevivo

Source: IDF Diabetes Atlas 6th Edition,2013

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Did you Give 100% Today? August 7, 2015 13:27


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I was so worried, pacing back and forth in my room before I decided to get the courage and just walked out into the kitchen and handed my mom and dad my report card.  I’ll never forget this moment, I was 16 and I gave my mom and dad my report card with a D in history, one of my dad’s favorite subjects. 

My heart was beating super-fast, my hands were sweating, and legs were shaking. I decided to pull the Band-Aid off fast and handed him the report card.  I was ready for my punishment.  Was I going to get grounded, lose my computer, or the phone.  I did not know.

Instead the outcome was something I never expected.  My dad said “I noticed you got a D in History?”  I responded with a shaky voice “Yes Sir”.  “Son, Let me ask you something, did you give your best for this class?  Did you give it 100% effort to pass this class with an A?”  I quickly answered, “No Dad, I really didn’t give it 100%.” 

I never knew that the words that he was about to say would change my life forever “Whether it is a History Class, a girlfriend, job, friendship or a business venture, you give it 100%, no matter what.  I want you to go to your room and just think about what I just said.”

I didn’t realize the importance of that message while sitting in my room, but years later it hit me hard while studying macroeconomics in college.  I realized that there are 168 hours in a week and If I were to give 100% towards anything that would mean 168 hours a week I would have to work to achieve 100% efforts, but I don’t think that is what my dad meant, so what did he mean.  

This is when It hit me, OH my dad means read this economics book from page one until the last page (100% of the book), attend every class (100% of classes), listen to the professor (100% of the time), take notes (100% of the time), read your notes after each class (100% of the notes), and give every effort to learn everything in the economics book (100% knowledge).  When I took my final exam and I got a 100% I realized this is giving 100%.

As time went on, I applied this approach to everything I did, I joined 12 organization in college, pledged Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, took 18 hours a semester with a 4.0 GPA, worked in my cookie company and I gave each of these 100%.   I went back to my dad and explained that I was giving everything 100%, my dad immediately responded.

“Son, I’m really proud of you, but one last thing you need to do every night; ask yourself every night before you go to bed, did I give 100% today, and if your answer is yes, than you can have a great night sleep, but if you answer no than wake up the next day and don’t stop until you can answer “YES I GAVE IT 100%”

When you give 100% towards something, even if you fail, than you and I will never be disappointed because we couldn’t have given any more or tried any harder.”

Now ask yourself every night before you go to bed, did you give 100% today?