06-28-16 Joseph's Lite Cookies of Deming Says 'Let Them Eat Sweets!'


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By Elisha Neubauer

Every business has a story, but some hit the heart a little more than others. Some businesses are born from a person's hobbies or likes, others are born from a good idea and a few friends; but there are a handful of others that are there because they're needed. They are born from the ashes of a personal dilemma, struggle, or tragedy.

Joseph's Lite Cookies is one such business. While the name sounds carefree, the business itself grew from a struggle the Semprevivo family faced themselves. "At the age of nine, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes," explains Joseph Semprevivo, CEO and President of Joseph's Lite Cookies. "After some blood work and tests, doctors told my parents that I would be lucky to live past the age of seventeen." Several years after Semprevivo's diagnosis, in 1986, his parents surprised him with a batch of sugar-free oatmeal cookies.



"I remember the day like it was yesterday," Semprevivo reminisced. "I was outside playing with my friends and walked over to a pay phone to call my parents to see how they were doing. My mother told me that they had a surprise for me when I got home. My father knew I badly wanted to eat cookies again so he experimented until he perfected the perfect sugar-free oatmeal cookie."

It was the first cookie that Semprevivo had had in years. "It was amazing," he exclaimed. "I turned to my father and begged him to make more flavors."

And that was that...Joseph's Lite Cookies was kick-started on that lazy Sunday in 1986. "From our little kitchen in New Mexico we began baking 170 sugar free cookies a day and brought them to local grocery stores and businesses for people to sample," Semprevivo states. "Currently, we (Joseph's Lite Cookies) are baking over millions of cookies a day along with supplying other diabetic friendly products."

You can find these sugar-free goodies in numerous countries and across the United States in the following stores: Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Deals, Whole Foods, Big Lots, independent/health food stores and other major grocery chains.



With Joseph's Lite Cookies being created from one little boy's struggle, it is no surprise that the people, both the customers and employees, are the very heart of the company's business model. "People and relationships are important and so is loyalty," explains Semprevivo. "We created a company with a relatively flat organizational structure because 'people are important.'" He goes on, explaining, "The more vertical the structure the further the executives are from the information. Every person in our company is one person away from the final decision because people are important.

In other words, we don't want team members, customers, vendors, retailers waiting a long time for a decision." Another important ideal the company strives to fill is ensuring the customers, vendors, and employees actually see how important they are to the success of the company. "We show them by being the first Sugar-Free Cookie in the world to offer a 6oz bag of cookies for $1, we show them by using only the best U.S. ingredients to make our cookies," Semprevivo details. "Our customers and team members are loyal to Joseph's Lite Cookies and we will always be loyal to them."

For even more information about Joseph's Lite Cookies, feel free to check out their #1 Best Seller and 11 time award winning book, "Madness Miracles Millions", which retells the trials and struggles that came before the company's success. To purchase the book just click here.