About Us

Hello!  My name is Joseph Semprevivo, I am the CEO/President and founder of Joseph’s Lite Cookies as well as an award-winning, bestselling author of “Madness, Miracles, Millions.”  

At the age of 9, I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. I found out that I was a diabetic when I read an article in the Deming Headlight, about a bike-a-thon for diabetes that included symptoms for diabetes. After some blood work and tests, doctors told my parents that I would be lucky to live past the age of 17.

In 1986, Joseph’s Lite Cookies was born on a Sunday morning. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was outside playing with my friends and walked over to a pay phone to call my parents to see how they were doing. My mother told me that they had a surprise for me when I got home.

My father (Larry) knew I badly wanted to eat cookies again so he experimented until he perfected the perfect sugar-free oatmeal cookie. It was my first cookie that touched the roof of my mouth in 7 years and it was amazing!  I turned to my father and begged him to make more flavors.

From our little kitchen in New Mexico we began baking 170 sugar free cookies a day and brought them to local grocery stores and businesses for people to sample.

Currently we (Joseph’s Lite Cookies) are baking over 12 million cookies a day along with supplying other diabetic friendly products. Today the cookies can be found in numerous countries and nationwide across the United States in stores such as: Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Big Lots, independent/ health food stores and other major grocery chains around the Country.

You can also find my award-winning bestselling book Madness, Miracles, Millions at: Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Books-A-Million. 

~Joseph Semprevivo